One to one

One to One presenter training is an excellent way to ensure you get the maximum from the time you have to prepare for your next presentation or project.

Over the last 17 years I have successfully managed to prepare for and deliver on many different types of presentation, from live television, studio and location pre records, stage hosting, conference facilitating, staff training, voice over work and more.

If you have a particular requirement that falls within any of those genres and you feel you need some help with it, then get in touch, as if I can help you, I will.

If you are an established presenter or someone just starting out and require help with filming content for a new showreel then I can do this for you and can take care of the editing to ensure it fits nicely in to your existing reel.

As every requirement is different and requires an individual approach, then so does the pricing.

Please get in touch with your presenter training or showreel filming requirement and we can discuss the time, facilities and rates required.